I am Chandra Mouli Upadhyay, founder of iamwealthguru.

So you must be wondering, ‘what’s so special about it?’.Well, I appreciate the question.

I am ordinary guy, passionate about learning to create and grow wealth for the betterment of myself, my family and society at large.

I am working hard for it and I want my readers to benefit from it.Therefore I’ve started this blog.

iamwealthguru  is a personal finance blog that resolves to disseminate high quality content on a variety of topics concerning a persons financial life.

From basic financial education to decoding stock markets and crypto currency, I’ve got you covered.

At iamwealthguru you will find quality content, supported with illustrative tools and info-graphics to make your financial life easy.

iamwealthguru focuses on both quantitative and qualitative aspect of finance so that you get the 360 degree view for making concrete financial decisions.

Create value.Add value.Always.

That’s the motto of iamwealthguru. I hope to enrich your lives by adding value to it through my content.

Hope to receive lot’s of love and encouragement from all of you:-)