Best Career Plan for Success and Fulfillment


Congratulations!You are wiser than many others who do not bother to spare serious thought towards planning a career.So pat your back for your incredible thoughtfulness!

Hello everybody, iamwealthguru and I am going to present you with some incredible piece  advise and offer you a holistic and all-round perspective towards career planning.

Before going down with the content, I want you to do an exercise.Pickup  pen and a paper, and write answers to the following questions in a yes/no format.Ready?Good, let’s begin then.
  1. Do you like challenges?
  2. Are you comfortable with travelling all around?
  3. Do you easily get homesick?
  4. Are you OK with taking big risks?
  5. Do you consider yourself creative?
  6. Are you good with public speaking?

well, answer the above questions honestly.This will be of great help in planning an awesome career towards the end of the post.

Remember, what is awesome or awful depends on the person.

It is imperative that you honestly asses yourself before making a career decision, else you have to repent later.

Looks like we are all set. Let’s jump to tip#1


  1. Do Market Research

Doing Market research is crucial to understand any stream quantitatively.We live in an information age.Getting data isn’t hard, you must be conscious of asking right questions.

To begin with- conduct research on the mean and median income at the entry level for the career that you are thinking about.

You can easily fins such data from glassdoor or indeed or payscale

once you are done, get similar data across your horizontal and vertical wish list.

By horizontal, I mean certain career options that you may have at the back of your mind  other than your primary option.By vertical, I mean the pay structure across the hierarchy within a particular career.

Done?If yes, perfect!Now, you are suppose to find two more critical pieces of data.

Find out about the mean and median income, and then the cost of buying/renting a new house of your state / country,

Now you have quantitatively analysed your career options.Keep the data safe with you in the form of a spread sheet.

Let me now take you to tip#2

2) Talk to professionals

Tim Gouw

Data alone, may not provide you a complete picture for making effective decision on important matters such as career.Go out there and talk to professionals.It would make your analysis qualitatively sound as well.

Data cannot answer your questions on topics like job satisfaction, work-life balance, career growth options.

I would recommend talking to a bunch of professionals for any of your temporarily chosen field.Once you get clarity you may choose some other option or stick to your original decision.

You can find such people on linkedin. You may also talk to your parents, relatives, if they happen to be in that field.

OK guys, we have high quality data and professional insight.Great start, lets move on to tip#3


3) Assess yourself.Please be honest here.

Before you argue with the order of this step, let me tell you one thing.Many of us have a bad habit of either over-estimating or under-estimating our potential.

It is important that we ask ourselves critical questions, gauge the markets for data and finally talk to professionals who are working in the industry to have concrete basis over which we can assess ourselves.

Don’t try to do this step first

In order to assess yourself,you can participate in some assignments under the guidance of a supervisor and request honest feedback.You can request any professional to help you out with this.You may self assess your work as well.

Ask yourself:

  1. Did I gained useful learning out of the exercise?
  2. Did I felt great while doing my work?
  3. Can I do this type of work for years to come?

if answer to any of the above is no, you probably made an inaccurate choice.

But before you get either elated or disappointed, look at tip#4

4) Be Ready to make calculated compromises.

Vlad Sargu

Let’s face it, we plan and we execute and depending upon the feedback we alter our plan.

That’s how projects work!

Even NASA fails to get exactly what it wants despite all the research it does.

Make calculated compromises.No job or career is going to make you happy or joyful forever, in fact 70% of the time it will be monotonous.We are putting all the effort to make the 30% incredibly enriching and satisfying.

By now, you must have a clear picture regarding planning  good career.But you must watch out for the remaining tips .they are incredibly important.



5) Family matters.

Nathan Anderson

We often neglect this crucial aspect while deciding on our careers.

Trust me on this,you cannot call yourself successful or fulfilled if you don’t have anyone around to celebrate it with.

Value your family.In the initial stages it is absolutely fine to put in extra efforts and work for long hours, after all you are gaining knowledge!But you must have clarity over the type of social and family life you want.

Many people who ignore this aspect remain socially unfulfilled.

This is something that you have to decide for yourself as to how much importance you want to associate to family and social life.Neither data, nor talking to any professional will offer any help.

It is okay to earn a little less as long as you have great company of family and friends

Moving to my last tip, extremely relevant in today’s time.


6) AI is coming.Embrace it.

Franck Veschi

It happened during industrial revolution and also during the computer booming times of early 2000, many people opposed these swift changes initially.

But later we’ve all embraced industrial revolution and modern computer technology.

It would be wise to do the same with AI.Make sure you understand the scope of AI in your work area.

Learn stuff that will provide you the edge over others in this coming age of AI and automation.

With good skills build around AI, you will greatly enhance your market value, and job security will never bother you.


OK, this brings us to the end of the great wise tips to plan an awesome career.

You are free to share this post with your friends who need help in their early stages of life.

Please post your queries and suggestions in the comments section,i will be happy to answer.


Have a great career!

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